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Chatham Hill offers innovative performance-optimization solutions with unparalled rapid results.

Our pioneering Smart Strategy Suite (3)_copy_2



Enterprise Data Scan catalogues and leverages available data within your organization for analytics, business intelligence, and strategic decisions.

DataBlender™ integrates data from multiple sources – company, industry-specific, and macro data – to enable real-time data processing for actionable and intuitive analytics.



Strategic Performance Indexes employ company and industry-specific measures as well as salient macro information to deliver valuable intelligence about patterns, interactions, and predictive trends, enabling your organization to:

(1) Evaluate current state health

(2) Measure ongoing performance

(3) Catalyze prompt and strategic decision-making

(4) Crystalize future state storytelling



Future State Simulations use advanced AI modeling, simulation, and predictive analytics to reliably forecast future trends, positioning your organization with robust competitive advantages as you evaluate strategic options and make decisions now.

Smart Accelerizer™ puts advanced AI-powered Big Data and Deep Learning tools directly into your hands, equipping your organization to confidently recalibrate strategic decisions in real time. Our Smart Accelerizer™ comprises three essential components:

(1) Big Data Platforms, standardizing and integrating highly complex and multi-dimensional databases

(2) Deep Learning Tools, harnessing complex models and advanced algorithms for rich insights

(3) AI-Powered Dashboards, providing you on-going and immediate Answers on Demand